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About Strong Hands Gym

We are an inclusive, yet distinctive part of the community–not a passive member.

We embrace values that set us apart, guide our actions, shape our programs and services, and result in meaningful & measurable outcomes for our members and the community as a whole.

We strive to accept ALL members of our gym and community. All who feel out of place and uncomfortable at other gyms will feel accepted, motivated, supported and empowered—no matter where they are in their personal/physical journey.

To accomplish this, we have a diverse & unique group of high performers that fully believe in our purpose. Each individual has a strong focus on goals and results for themselves, as well as contribute to the success of the entire team. Our team will utilize our state-of-the-art facility as a platform to grow personally and professionally while supporting Strong Hands’ overall mission. We will be supportive of each other, collaborative, and have a great time doing it.

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Diego Cevallos-Garzon


Diego has over 10 years of Personal Training experience, and over 15 yrs of Boxing experience. Diego has trained and prepared a large amount of big UFC stars for competition. Jessica Pene, Jens Pulver, Robbie Lawyer are a few of many high-profile athletes trained by Diego. Diego has won over 111 amateur fights including the Ringside tournament and was nationally ranked at 19. As a NASM Certified trainer with an extensive background in boxing, Diego's training methods and results are considered groundbreaking. Diego hopes that by being openly gay he will be able to provide a sense of comfort and support to the LGBTQ community as we continue to stand as one.
I have a passion for fitness. I wanted to create an open-minded, judgement free zone for the LGBTQ community to indulge in weight training, boxing, martial arts…to feel inspired, to see results, to just be themselves.